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Lost In the Territories | In pre-production

director Nadav Shlomo Giladi

Production Artza productions

The Monkey House | 2023

director Avi Nesher

Production Metro productions

Burn the Sky | 2023

director Imri Matalon

Production ZOA films, United King

Ruth | 2023

director Esty Shushan

Production Metro productions

Straight to The Head | 2022

director Daniel Adar

Production Green productions, United King

Image of Victory | 2021

director Avi Nesher

Production Ehud Bleiberg

*Nominated for the Israeli Academy Award for casting 

Making Of | 2021

director Eitan Anner

Production Itay Akirav

*Casting consultant 

Asia | 2019

director Ruthy Pribar

Production Gum films

*Won the Israeli Academy Award for casting

*Winner of the Tribeca Film Festival for best actress and other awards 

The Other Story | 2018

director Avi Nesher

Production David M. Milch, Metro Productions

Fig Tree | 2018

director Alamork Davidian

Production Blacksheep Productions

*Casting consultant

The Testament | 2017

director Amichai Grinberg

Production Gam Productions

One Week and A Day | 2016

director Asaph Polonsky

Production Blacksheep Productions

*Winner of the best Israeli Feature film, Jerusalem IFF 

*Winner of the Gan Foundation support at the Cannes film festival 

The Last Band in Lebanon | 2016

director Ben Bachar               

Production Marker Films

Mr. Predictable | 2016

director Roee Florentin               

Production Artza Productions

Red Leaves  | 2015

director Bazzi Getta               

Production Daroma Productions

*Best newcomer film, Jerusalem Film Festival 

Princess  | 2014

director Tali Shalom Ezer               

Production Marker production , Elad Gavish

*Won the best Israeli Feature film award, Jerusalem Film Festival

*Nominated for the Israeli Academy Award for casting & Best film

Igor & the Cranes’ Journey  | 2013

director Evgeny Ruman               

Production Afikim Meuhadim , Hilik Michaeli

*Casting of adult actors only

The Human Resource Manager  | 2010

director Eran Riklis               

Production 2-Team Productions

*Winner of Isareli Academy award best film of 2010

Revolution 101  | 2010

director Doron Tsabari              

Production Ori Inbar

Five Hours From Paris | 2009

director Leon Prodovsky              

Production 2-Team Productions

The Debt | 2007

director Assaf Bernstein             

Production Evanstone productions

*Re-made by Miramax with director John Madden in 2010

Aviva My Love | 2006

director Shemi Zarhin             

Production Evanstone Productions

*Winner of Isareli Academy award best film

*Best Israeli Feature film, Jerusalem Film Festival

The Gospel According to God | 2004

director Assi Dayan            

Production Halas productions

*Additional casting

Bonjour Monsieur Shlomi | 2003

director Shemi Zarhin             

Production Evanstone Productions

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