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The Bus Route 300 Affair | 2018

director Rotem Shamir

Production Light Stream Israel productions

Shalom | 2011

director Lee Gilat

Production Yezirh Ivrit productions ,Haim Sharir

Shrouds | 2010

director Shalom Hager

Production Lama Productions

Mimon | 2005

director Emil Ben-Shimon

Production July-August Productions

*Winner of Israeli Academy award best TV film of 2005

Family Outing | 2004

director Shachar Rosen

Production July-August Productions

*Co-casting With Hila Yuval

Maktub | 2004

director Avi Mussel 

Production Paralite Productions

I Had A Wonderful Childhood | 2004

director Ori Sivan  

Production Anat Assoulin productions

Café’ Tales | 2003

director Amit Lior  

Production JCS Content

The Buddy connection | 2003

director Hadar Klienman-Zadok  

Production Ayelet Kait Productions

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